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Jann's diary — LiveJournal
Here a small diary with interesting events and appropriate comments.
Today I tested begun drying meat for Sweden to make and also a first court, i.e. Dr. Oetcker “vanilla milk noodles” a little sweetly, but for Sweden ok.

In addition have I 4 consequences quarks and CO seen (WAD DIN thanks) and that our heart chaotically strikes white now last night and what many more interesting I find, humans in masses to behave like granulates: -)

If necessary explain I the gladly passionately live; -)
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Finally times one day from computer game did not only exist, went thereby loosely which I which cool dreamed and to around 15:00 slept: -)

In the evening then with the Olle and Christian to the Kinofestival on the museum island, very successfully. There was a hearing film and/or a radio play to recommend “with hitchhiker in the universe” after the original of Douglas of Adam “Hitchhiker's Guide ton of Galaxy” both much I delicious amused itself: -)

As Vorgeschmack only fast the beautiful Buchtitel “where God”, “further one gross errors of God” erred and “who is this God actually”; -)
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We are on the desired campground at the healing lake with Frankfurt. Really a cool lake with totally clear water, however badly overfills and proper mass tourism. Did not disturb it us really there we only two overnight accomodation had. And because so many incalculable young people were gave it even a genuine Secrurity there. Learned I again which, beach is only which for me if one also sport make there can. The beach was unfortunately so small and/or so well filled neither football nor Volleyball was played: - (

Although a nice weekend, on which I did not notice however again times which I particularly am social, if one means with it as well I with many strange humans in my age clearly comes. Which always surprises me is, which makes it for me only concerns if all this German speaks. Then find I so small talc always terribly banal. In English or French Mach I me there no Kopp.
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Today the Asheron's call 2 Trial was aktivert and is explored with my dear friend Stephi now the world by Dereth and geschnackt strongly with team peak and gekillt monsters. Anyhow the dark side in me has a powerful allied one in the MMORPGs (massifs Multiplayer on-line Role Playing Games).
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Now have I the account systems I and mathematics examination, whereby both surprised questions with the multiple Choice. With ReWe they were heavier than expected, with Mathe more easily!
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A black day, after the university I wanted to make briefly a Nickerchen, since the statistics sample examination unfortunately caused headache… then was it up once late and “Dirty Harry” was last which I saw: -/Such days are gnaw genuinly strangely and there my pig dog much at my ambition. I could struggle through myself too nix and not be correctly furious yet times on me (actually a safe trick then nevertheless to animate itself to which).

If someone knows still another good prescription for self motivation, always ago with it! Naturally I could not really fall asleep then due to my nap and have to me in the evening then the half night thereby drove out me to accuse I today was as putrid and like I straight my beautiful sleeping time waste: -/

Result: More motivation!
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Although I overslept despite bells and “rising and bell conscious constituting” and only for statistics exercise appeared, the day was worthwhile itself: On Friday I become statistics in my 2. Group of learning learn, times see which that becomes.
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Sport is cool, in particular Volleyball! Mangosaft is also cool! And I should go finally times to ski running.
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Which do not believe I times everyone of itself state can.

I mean not which I it bereuht Trade Union of German Employees natures to be, thus afterwards would perhaps not have gone, but simply that it was not that for which I it held. Indeed playing the piano pupils o.ä a Professor von Franziska (then there the stop would have also played).

I was somehow too late: because of too far driven, then wrongly run etc.

- Thus in a rush there purely
- Poster read “19: 30 kl. Lecture hall” - > nevertheless not too late (C:
- in Franzis parents pass recognized
- 2 hours marvelous concert: “Meeting of Streichern and Bläsern”
- no piano? Franzi did not participate: -)

A little I am verduzt as already happened, but apparent the pain tablets have which I because of the thick cheek had nevertheless still different effects except Schläfrigkeit.

Result: More inadvertent Spontanität!!

Perhaps should I make Spontanität the slogan of the monthly? Times see which still arises.
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Today I have it finally times to production really learn statistics tasks and then VWL in my “group of learning”
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