janndiary (janndiary) wrote,

Hab's production in the wrong concert to go

Which do not believe I times everyone of itself state can.

I mean not which I it bereuht Trade Union of German Employees natures to be, thus afterwards would perhaps not have gone, but simply that it was not that for which I it held. Indeed playing the piano pupils o.ä a Professor von Franziska (then there the stop would have also played).

I was somehow too late: because of too far driven, then wrongly run etc.

- Thus in a rush there purely
- Poster read “19: 30 kl. Lecture hall” - > nevertheless not too late (C:
- in Franzis parents pass recognized
- 2 hours marvelous concert: “Meeting of Streichern and Bläsern”
- no piano? Franzi did not participate: -)

A little I am verduzt as already happened, but apparent the pain tablets have which I because of the thick cheek had nevertheless still different effects except Schläfrigkeit.

Result: More inadvertent Spontanität!!

Perhaps should I make Spontanität the slogan of the monthly? Times see which still arises.
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