April 8th, 2007

Finally times one day from

Finally times one day from computer game did not only exist, went thereby loosely which I which cool dreamed and to around 15:00 slept: -)

In the evening then with the Olle and Christian to the Kinofestival on the museum island, very successfully. There was a hearing film and/or a radio play to recommend “with hitchhiker in the universe” after the original of Douglas of Adam “Hitchhiker's Guide ton of Galaxy” both much I delicious amused itself: -)

As Vorgeschmack only fast the beautiful Buchtitel “where God”, “further one gross errors of God” erred and “who is this God actually”; -)

Today I tested begun

Today I tested begun drying meat for Sweden to make and also a first court, i.e. Dr. Oetcker “vanilla milk noodles” a little sweetly, but for Sweden ok.

In addition have I 4 consequences quarks and CO seen (WAD DIN thanks) and that our heart chaotically strikes white now last night and what many more interesting I find, humans in masses to behave like granulates: -)

If necessary explain I the gladly passionately live; -)